Hispanicize 2017

Latino trendsetters, influencers and newsmakers gather in Miami, Florida for the 8th annual Hispanicize conference.

You know you’re in for something special when on the first day, Colombian musical artist Juanes performs…

With Hispanicize Founder & CEO, Manny Ruiz


I’ve been going to the conference for the last 4 years as part of the partnership between Hispanicize and NAHJ (where I served as president from 2012-14).

Hispanicize & NAHJ leaders meet with the Rev. Jesse Jackson

I had the opportunity to meet the Reverend Jesse Jackson who shared his insights on the plight of the Hispanic community for fair and equal treatment from an administration (president Donald Trump) which has attached them at every turn.

“One candle can break through darkness” – Reverend Jesse Jackson

It only takes one person with enough courage to stand up and shed light on the forces of oppression.

Meeting with students and mentors

I’m proud to support the NAHJ Student Project at Hispanicize where mentors and students work side by side in producing stories about the conference and the Miami marketplace

ESPN Deportes (my employer) and CNN are sponsors of the Student Project.

I was invited to join colleagues on a panel to discuss the Pasión For Sports: How Hispanics are driving the future of sports marketing in the U.S. 

The conversation included insights on how not to produce messages that while not the intent can come across as patronizing. For example futbol, Latino athletes and Spanish are not always the best way to reach this coveted community. 

I represented the NAHJ Sports Task Force in moderating Learn how to use social media to become a better sports journalist workshop and the Student Project.

Hispanicize never disappoints!!

Looking forward to next year.

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